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Convenient travel through Karlsruhe with Fächerrad

More than 330 bicycles around the clock

KVV.mobil also allows you to quickly find a bicycle, meaning you can travel through the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe according to your own schedule. Whether an e-bike, smart bike, ladies’ bicycle or a comfort bike – you have the choice. Simply select and rent your desired bicycle in the KVV.mobil app and off you go.

Rent a bike – how it works


You can see bike stations and individual bicycles on the map. Select the right bicycle for you here.


After selecting your bicycle, simply select “Start rental”, enter the unlock code on the bicycle’s on-board computer or on the combination lock and off you go.

Off you go

Simply ride off on your bicycle. If you would like to end the rental, you can do so conveniently in the KVV.mobil app. Simply select “End rental” and you can lock the bicycle at a suitable location.


Upon starting the booking process, you can select your preferred means of payment. After ending your rental, you will receive your bike invoice conveniently via e-mail.

How nextbike works

- Enter the bicycle number.- You will receive a four-digit lock code.- Open the combination lock using the four-digit lock code.

- Push the bicycle into the dock.- In the case of analog docks, lock the fork lock. Smart docks lock automatically.- If you use an analog dock, the return of the bicycle must be confirmed via the app, on the bike computer or at the terminal.

- Park the bicycle at an official station and lock the lock.- Return bicycles with a combination lock via the app.- Bicycles with a bike computer are returned via the computer. To do so, select “OK” and then lock the lock. Wait to receive confirmation of the bicycle’s return.

- Park the bicycle at a main road or a crossroads and lock it up.- Confirm the return of the bicycle in the KVV.mobil app.- Also available in KVV.mobil

Also available in KVV.mobil