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Select available modes of transport in your vicinity directly in the map view or enter your desired destination. Compare the connections and choose your favorite directly.


The KVV.mobil app provides you with detailed information on everything you need to know: the route, travel time and costs.

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Using your KVV account, you can book and pay for the services of our partners directly.

Networked mobility for Karlsruhe - moovel partners with KVV

moovel Group GmbH considers itself a partner of cities and transport authorities, jointly shaping the mobility of the future. The KVV already promotes sustainable mobility for Karlsruhe, and thanks to its partnership with moovel, the transport authority is now ready to take the next step: the “KVV.mobil powered by moovel” app allows customers quick and easy access to a range of different modes of transport. moovel is supporting the KVV as it undergoes the transformation from service provider with classic local transport services, such as bus and train, to a fully fledged mobility network.

There are many ways to get where you’re going: book the best mode of transport for your route.

Find all of the services offered by our partners here.

Public transport

KVV train rides through the city of Karlsruhe

An attractive local transport network, 1,900 stops, and around 170 million passengers per year – that’s KVV. The transport association takes you by bus or train to anywhere you want to go in and around Karlsruhe – and with the KVV.mobil app, it’s now even easier: just find your connection, book your ticket, and off you go.

KVV train rides through the city of Karlsruhe


nextbike, Fächerrad in Karlsruhe

KVV.mobil also allows you to quickly find a bicycle, meaning you can travel through the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe according to your own schedule. Whether an e-bike, smart bike, ladies’ bicycle or a comfort bike – you have the choice. Simply select and rent your desired bicycle in the KVV.mobil app and off you go.

nextbike, Fächerrad in Karlsruhe


Stadtmobil vehicle in the city of Karlsruhe

Flexible and environmentally conscious mobility on four wheels: With car sharing from stadtmobil, you can get to wherever you need to go – without your own car. You can find all of the stations and vehicles near you at a glance in the KVV.mobil app. Please visit stadtmobil.de for more information.

Stadtmobil vehicle in the city of Karlsruhe

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